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Daikin Europe N.V., Zandvoordestraat 300, 8400 Oostende (Belgium)

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Daikin ZEAS adds chill to Eskimo’s new Ice Age

Four Daikin ZEAS condensing units have solved a sticky problem for ice cube maker, Eskimo Ice. The 15hp units at Eskimo’s Crawley factory in the UK provide cooling to the blast chillers that take newly-made cubes down to -15ºC, ensuring that they stay dry and don’t stick together during the automated packing process.

VRV – The Best Technology on the Market

It has been over 30 years since the HVAC market was transformed by the introduction of the world’s first air conditioning system with variable refrigerant control, based on the Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) technology pioneered by Daikin. The launch of Daikin’s VRVIV solution has raised the bar yet again for HVAC systems. We look back at what VRV technology has achieved and what this technology has to offer in the future.

R-22: Time to take action on replacement

As of January 2015, the ban on the commonly used R-22 refrigerant and several other HCFC gases used in HVAC systems has taken effect across Europe. Going forward, any equipment using these HFCs will still be able to be used but any lost refrigerant will no longer be allowed to be replaced with the same gas. Failure to act now to replace your R-22 systems could lead to serious business disruption down the line.

Daikin makes the grade

Leading HVAC manufacturer Daikin is poised to help consumers in comparing and assessing energy-related products, as new labelling requirements come into force later this year.

Are your home air conditioning systems at risk? Take action now to avoid unnecessary cost or breakdowns

As of January 2015, there is a complete ban on the supply of R-22 refrigerants for use in air conditioning systems. After this date any equipment using R-22 will still be able to be used but any lost refrigerant will no longer be allowed to be replaced with the same gas. This means your existing R-22-based air conditioning systems may not be repairable should a fault develop.

Daikin set to showcase the best in efficiency

Daikin Europe N.V. and subsidiary company Rotex Heating Systems GmbH are set to showcase their best of breed climate control systems in the run up to the EU’s new energy labelling directive, which will come into force later this year.

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