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Daikin Europe N.V., Zandvoordestraat 300, 8400 Oostende (Belgium)

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F +32 59 55 82 90

Daikin Europe launches Multi-ZEAS range

Daikin Europe has launched a new range of Multi-ZEAS units, which deliver the higher capacities required for larger supermarkets, food storage and processing plants, while reducing energy consumption by 35%, compared with traditional refrigeration systems.

2014 revolutionises climate control

2014 promises to be a revolutionary year for climate control, with Daikin Europe launching its world-class VRV IV heat recovery solution in spring 2014.

Daikin Europe N.V.: forty years of expertise in Ostend

Exactly forty years ago, Daikin Industries Ltd. opened its European headquarters in Ostend. Since 1973, the resort town has served as a key hub in the international activities of the Japanese climate-control specialist. From Ostend, Daikin Europe N.V. serves the European market, Africa and the Middle East. The headquarters in Ostend have grown to become an important site for research, development and production. This brings about innovative products with which the company responds to new requirements in the market and further strengthens its competitiveness.

Daikin Ururu Sarara, the first European air-to-air heat pump system with R32 refrigerant

Europe’s first commercialised air-to-air heat pump system to use R32 refrigerant will be introduced by Daikin in Autumn 2013. The updated Ururu Sarara range, which has already won the prestigious 2013 red dot award for product design, offers very high energy efficiencies thanks to the use of R32, which at the same time means these units have a lower environmental impact than ever before.

Daikin Europe launches new heat recovery ventilation units

Daikin has updated its VAM and VKM heat recovery ventilation unit ranges to include CO2 sensors and optional dust filters that can reduce energy loss and maintain high air quality in commercial environments. Quick and easy to install, the new units also offer night time free cooling when part of a complete climate solution, to reduce running costs and carbon emissions even further.

Daikin launches super-efficient brushless DC fan coil units

The new BLDC (brushless DC) Daikin fan coil unit range slashes energy consumption by up to 70%, compared with models fitted with AC motors. This super-efficient range can also maintain enhanced comfort levels with minor variations in air temperature and relative humidity.

RTD controls: for complete building system integration

RTD controls allow Daikin’s entire product portfolio to be integrated into building management systems (BMS). Designed for a wide range of applications including hotels or offices, the RTD’s pre-programmed functions ensure systems are highly efficient, delivering reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions, while maintaining excellent levels of comfort.

Daikin launches LT Hydrobox for VRV

Daikin has launched a Low Temperature (LT) Hydrobox for the latest generation of the VRV heat pump, which delivers highly efficient space heating and cooling.