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Daikin Europe N.V., Zandvoordestraat 300, 8400 Oostende (Belgium)

T +32 59 55 81 11    E
F +32 59 55 82 90


  • Bas

    Daikin is a progressive company, not only in technology but also in HR. I have done an internship for 2 years at the department Personnel Development. After my internship I could start at Employee Services.
    Today I am a Supervisor in the department Production Piping 1, which means I am responsible for my department, together with my manager and group leaders. I delegate tasks, make up the daily work schedule, meeting targets, improving work flow, etc.
    The diversity Daikin offers is perfect for me. I started in a fairly administrative job, now I have a responsible function in production. 

  • Bert

    After my studies I was looking for a job in a multinational company. I work at Marketing, we prep all the promotional tools, such as websites, brochures, etc. for our EMEA affiliates. I am responsible, together with my colleagues, for digital marketing. This involves the master database which stores all product data. My job is mainly to improve the processes of data and the output channels (websites, extranet, …).
    I travel about 5 times a year abroad, these are mainly short trips to the affiliates to help improve processes on a local level. Communication across borders is essential and very open. This is also reflected in our company culture. An open communication in our department is crucial for a good collaboration. Thankfully I have great colleagues, who are not only the best in the business, but also have a fantastic collegial spirit.

  • Jonas

    I started my career at Daikin as an International Trainee, which gave me the opportunity to gather experience in different departments. The Traineeship offers 4 modules of 3 months each: the first three modules start at the headquarters in Ostend or Brussels, the last module gives you the chance to gather experience in an affiliate abroad.
    I’m now working in our office in Brussels as a Consulting Sales Engineer for the European and African market. The international character also means I travel a lot. Following a seminar at the Ivory Coast or a sales meeting in London for example - this makes my job very interesting,

  • Lynn

    I started in 2011 at the Supply Center, but as I was more interested in the technical and project side of the business I got the opportunity to start at IT. Daikin encourages internal rotation, so this was the perfect switch for me.
    In IT we really see the lean management structure of Daikin Europe. We look out for improvements, evaluate thoroughly and discuss to reach a consensus. Once we have a consensus we move over to a swift execution. 

  • Veerle

    At Technical Services, we solve problems and answer technical questions of customers abroad. We also give courses and seminars. Our department has 3 key values: speed, reliability and friendliness. It's important to keep the customer satisfied. It's not always that simple to answer a question or to handle a complaint, but that is the challenging part of the job.
    Working at Technical Services, also means travelling. The frequency depends on the type of product you are working for (1x/week, 1x/month, ...)